Chemical Diary

There were a couple of brothers

who went to Hollywood

They had played guitar their whole lives

They were poor but did good

They made a record in Nashville

Two songs they wrote themselves

Their song was played on the radio

Their souls they did not sell

No one knows what happened to them

It is a mystery

What they did in Hollywood though

goes down in history

They recorded at Capitol

and also Sunset Sound

They played live on the Sunset Strip

where they rocked Tinsel Town

They street teamed and got their name out

painted on the sidewalk

They never made an enemy

You know how people talk

Their band got a reputation

They were b b b bad

When haters tried to dish it out

they didn't take no crap

They played other's and wrote their own

songs which they took to the

recording studios renowned

around the entire globe

Respect they found hard to come by

jealousy was rampant

and once they were done recording

they were done they did it

The poorest people usually

don't go far chasing things

but the singer of this band did

and took his brother with

They traveled thirteen hundred miles

in a van and camper

in the courts they had cases heard

and got what was deserved

They didn't do it overnight

They had stayed many years

Within the band they had their fights

blamed on the atmosphere

Country boys in the big city

just playing rock 'n' roll

but when it was time to quit it

one couldn't let it go

The band you may not have heard of

they never made it big

The name Chemical Diary

did make itself to print

A music magazine cover

Published live show reviews

featuring the Strickland brothers

with stage names which they used

Dudee played guitar Roland bass

They both sang together

through Capitol's echo chamber

You can't say that's not great

It is unknown what did happen

Forty five records did

If you have a record player

you could listen to it

The records though are very rare

Only three hundred made

We're All The Same Inside Somehow

Side b The Lone Star State

From their Equalizer CD

made in Los Angeles

where the band was very last seen

Such mysteriousness