To immerse themselves in the music industry, Chemical Diary decided to strike out to Hollywood, California in the Fall of 2014, which was where and when they met Laurence Greenblatt (Melrose Larry Green) from the Howard Stern Show. In the Winter of 2016, Chemical Diary ran into Melrose Larry one morning at a fast food restaurant in Hollywood, and he said to the brothers, "Write a song called 'They Are People Too'." and for them to include in the song's lyrics "shopping cart", "untold stories", and "the one legged man in the wheelchair", and Chemical Diary agreed to collaborate on the song. Over the next few weeks Chemical Diary was inspired by the same types of scenes being shown publicly on the Hollywood streets as was Melrose Larry when he mentioned to Chemical Diary that they should write the song "They Are People Too" about homelessness. Chemical Diary recorded the song "They Are People Too" at Sunset Sound Studios on May 17, 2016 with Engineer, Morgan Stratton. A couple of days later, after seeing an advertisement in a Music Connection Magazine, which read "NEED RADIO AIRPLAY?", the brothers made a phone call to National Record Promotion. "They Are People Too" was mixed and mastered at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles, California on August 4, 2016 by Engineer, Jeff Ryon. Chemical Diary performed a concert at the world famous Whiskey A Go Go on September 29, 2016.